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Countries to visit:



Inspiring Italy! Famous Italian food, design, Italian way of living, but also an enchanting land that no matter how many times you visit it seems to remain undiscovered and enveloped in a moat of long and chequered history that gave birth to so many beautiful towns and cities. The main tourist attractions are certainly the breathtaking cities of Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and Napoli, however Italy also offers a plethora of less well-known places that still seem to manage to impress visitors inasmuch as on their way back home they already start planning another holyday to Italy.

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Postcard perfect Portugal - Portugal is a country in southern Europe and together with Spain it divides the Iberian Peninsula. This country of a long history offers to tourists sights from the Iron age, the Roman Empire, more modern age of Portuguese expansion, colonization with discoveries and of course modern cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Its long coast on the Atlantic Ocean as well as archipelagos hide delightful little places that have not yet been fully discovered by tourists.

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Smiles, well known Serbian hospitality and delicious food are most common impressions that this country seems to make in tourists. Belgrade and Novi Sad are the most visited cities in Serbia. However, Serbia is also a country of many natural wonders, beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers that are ready to be discovered by international tourists.

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of those rather popular world tourist destinations. It is a country of grand historic castles and with one of the most beautiful European cities - Prague. Apart from Prague (the most visited tourist destination in the country) and numerous enchanting castles, there are also stunning little towns famous for thermal springs, such as Karlovy Vary. They attract substantial attention of tourists that get mesmerized by the beauty of these towns and the surrounding scenery.

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France is certainly a country which seems to defy any definite and far too easy an explanation, home to stunningly beautiful buildings and revolutionary spirit. It is a country of beauty and prestige but also a country of ordinary people. It is a country of thinkers who tend to exude aura of authority around the sheer superficial; it is enough to visit places where ordinary people get together in order to understand in how many different directions a French thought goes. It is a country of love and lovers. It is a country of aspiring artists who became known as rebels before getting their fair share of fame and glory. If it were to be described as a woman, France would be a mistress who overwhelms with her beauty and whose embrace not one man would ever wish to part with.

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Germany is a vibrant country of very well-known cities that draw an incredible number of tourist in pursuit of the wonders of sightseeing, nightlife, good food and the famous beer and certainly all manner of festivals. Most of the best-known German cities offer a chance to enjoy modern architecture, but some also show their deep seated medieval roots in stunningly beautiful buildings, universities and cathedrals. Germany is also a country of enchanted castles, so much so that at times in whichever direction one is headed apparently there is an amazing castle waiting to be discovered.

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Russia is the largest country in the world and at the same time one of the most stunningly beautiful ones. Regrettably, somewhat inadequately promoted in the media, the picture perfect beauty of Russia seems to have never been presented to a wider audience to measure up to its full potential, so prospective tourists do not seem to know what they can actually visit in Russia and what Russia holds for them in its splendour and glory. One might say without fear of contradiction that Russia really ‘has it all’. It would literally take years to get to know all wonder and beauty of this stunningly beautiful country. From the imperial city of St. Petersburg, the main center Moscow and the sparkingly snowy Siberia, to restless Kamchatka, Baikal and Rostov on the Don River - wherever the tourist might like to go , they will be at a loss for words in front of the never- ending grandeur. This is the country of fairytale-like cities and jaw-dropping landscapes, cultural centers, theatres and ballet, a home of Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and Yesenin, a country of warm hearted yet proud people who would often tend to say they all have only one mother and her name is Russia.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia, is the most stunningly beautiful island in the Indian ocean. Because of its proximity to India and its idiosyncratic shape Sri Lanka is also called ‘the tear of India’. This wonderful island is a true heaven on earth, famous for its diverse landscape, from wild jungles to incredible beaches within just a few hours of each other. In Sri Lanka one may find numerous spice gardens, tea plantations, coconut palm groves, over 200 waterfalls, a plethora of parks and orphanages for elephants to name but a few. Here one may also enjoy a rich culture of Buddhist philosophy and explore the Ayurveda medicine. This is a true paradise island.

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Glorious Greece! Famous cites such as Athens and Thessaloniki and a myriad of islands tend to constitute the main tourist offer of this beautiful country. Apart from the typical Mediterranean products such as olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, Greeks are also proud of their meet quilty their famous Feta cheese and national liquors such as ouzo or tsipouro. Remember that there is more to Greece than meets the eye -- Greece does not have merely Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Crete, there are an incredible 227 inhabited islands and truth be it, some are more beautiful than others, but still we seriously doubt one can go to one of the Greek Islands and come back without wearing a smile on your face and tales to tell about the good times you had.

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Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations of our world. It is the land of Pharaohs, who constructed the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, monuments that visitors admire even to this very day. Egyptian history goes back as early as 6.000 years ago and incredible monuments that were constructed in the past nowadays represent cultural heritage and tourist attractions that every person should see at least once in their lifetime. The most interesting and most popular attractions are the Pyramids, the only miracle left from the ancient world, Sphinx, the guardian of the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the tomb of King Tutankhamun and many others.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the hearth of Southeast Europe. This heart-shaped country has always been on the crossroads between the eastern and the western civilizations, culture and influences. The northern and the central part of the country is called Bosnia, whereas the southern part is Herzegovina. Geographically and culturally, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stunningly beautiful country with an endless array of natural landscapes, cultures and traditions.

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Montenegro is quite a small country, yet abundant in natural beauty, historical monuments and most often sunny weather (approx. 240 sunny days in a year). This is a country full of contrasts. Here visitors will witness three distinct natural environments: the scenic coast, the karst landscape and the high mountain region. In just an hour's drive, you can move from the Mediterranean coast to the mountainous area and the ski slopes. Montenegro spreads along 300 kilometers of the Adriatic coast with 117 pebbly, sandy or rocky beaches.The Montenegrin mountains extend from Maglić, Volujka and Bioč mountains in the west to Prokletije mountain in the east, intersected by magnificent canyons of Piva, Komarnica, Sušica, Tara and Morača, decorated with over 35 picturesque lakes.

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Tourist destinations:


The city of canals and alleyways, numerous islands and bridges, the city of gondolas and wondrous vistas, jaw dropping architecture, postcard - perfect palaces, the city of the carnival and the masks, in a nut shell – a city one can fall in love with quite easily. All of these words seem to describe Venice as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. Venice offers loads to visitors: stunningly beautiful palaces and superb buildings that will take you on a trip through the rich history of this unique city, numerous canals to cross either on foot or by a gondola, a number of islands that still seem to stay hidden to most tourists, as well as a huge number of tourist sights and museums. As the saying goes, even the Venetians get lost in Venice.

Discover Venice


The eternal city, a city of glorious past, a city of chequered history, the cradle of Roman Catholic Church - are just some attributes that distinguish Rome from other popular tourist destinations. Tourists will be able to take a peek at the beauty and glory of once the most important city in the world and to enjoy its more modern architectural marvels, mostly built by a number of different popes in quick or slow succession. Don’t just visit Colosseum and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Rome has so much more to offer.

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Madeira Island

Madeira is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean that is teeming with life, offers a display of brilliantly coloured flowers and fragrant fruits which most visitors might have never seen before, wonderful nature, splendid views, amazing hiking trails etc. it is so hard to put into words the uniqueness of Madeira Island and its nature. The volcanic nature of the island cossets away most of the island’s beaches behind its high cliffs, but instead offering spectacular viewpoints onto the ocean, lush forests that hide incredible animal and plant species as well as many hidden locations waiting to be uncovered. Even though the main attractions of the island are its exotic tropical nature and botanical gardens, Madeira also has well-developed cities catering for the needs of modern tourists with a lot of sights, history, shopping areas, restaurants etc.

Discover Madeira Island


This often neglected European tourist destination has lots to offer. Its perfect location at the mouth of two large rivers has always drawn not only those in pursuit of a better life, but an incredible number of conquerors as well. This is the city over which the highest number of battles seem to have been fought in the history of mankind and the city with the largest number of names given by all manner of invaders. Though the city has been destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, leaving the impression that there seems to be no end to this vicious circle, today Belgrade is the city of many hidden gems and apparently one of the best nightlife experiences in Europe.

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Zlatibor is a beautiful mountain in Serbia, often visited by domestic and foreign tourists for its enchanting nature, limpid and pristine landscape, fresh and crispy air, delicious local cuisine and generally healing properties of the mountain. Exactly because of these features, parents tend to more often than not take children to Zlatibor. However, apart from the famed fresh air and enjoyable walks, keep in mind that there is also lot to be seen and visited while there.

Discover Zlatibor


Ravenna is a city of history, numerous monuments that stand in silent testimony of its turbulent past as well as its fame and glory as the capital city of many an empire and kingdom. The main attractions of Ravenna are certainly its churches and mosaics that all date back to the 5th and 6th century and the early Christian societies in Europe. The scale and splendour of colorful Byzantine mosaics, their historical significance as well as monuments that date back to the Ostrogoths were even recognized by UNESCO who included eight sites in this small city on their World Heritage list. Ravenna is a city which lets its visitors to embark on a journey through history and especially through the history of Byzantine, from the civilization of which only but a faint remnant has survived throughout the world.

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Prague is a crown jewel of the Czech Republic, a city of towers, bridges, masterpieces of gothic architecture and of course Prague’s castle that for centuries overlooks the whole city. Many tourists become enchanted by the beauty of this city and decide to let go, to become a part of the fairytale, for which you just need a pinch of imagination. We tried to bring at least a piece of this fairytale closer to you through articles about all tourist sights, museums and other wonders of the city.

Discover Prague


Milano is a city of fashion, a city fascinated with the idea of beauty, a city of stunningly beautiful Gothic architecture, a city of compelling culture, a city of the young, city of fabulous fairs and architectural accomplishments. All of these attributes seem to describe Milan, which is the business capital of Italy, which oozes its charm to its visitors in a matter of seconds. To a contemporary tourist Milan offers grand, awe inspiring buildings, a multitude of museums, riveting religious buildings, its culture as a mixture of the modern trends and the tradition that goes all the way back to the Roman Empire, glitz and glamour of its shopping malls and different nightlife zones that will appeal to the tastes of all visitors.

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Lake Garda

This is the page dedicated to Lake Garda on which you can find a complete tourist guide and suggestions about what to visit while planning your trip to the lake. Lake Garda is one of three great lakes in the northern Italy. Its lovely little towns on the shores of the lake draw an incredible number of tourists each year, who flock there for its mild and mellow climate, strolls on the lake shores, traditional Italian cuisine and of course to stand in awe before the heritage of this region laid bare for us to gaze at in a host of castles, wondrous villas and picturesque villages and dainty little towns.

Discover Lake Garda


This is a complete tourist guide to Paris, France. We offer the up-to-date information as for what to visit and what to see in Paris. This information will help you get a bigger picture as regards tourist attractions this city has to offer. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and this fact stands to reason. Some of the much sought after tourist attractions are located here, such as for example the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arch, Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysees Avenue, Orsay Museum or the famous Versailles Palace. Apart from these world-famous attractions, Paris is the city of love, the charm of which is almost irresistible to most visitors. If you are already in love, chances are that Paris will make you fall in love again, this time with the city itself.

Discover Paris


This is a complete tourist guide to Munich, Germany. We offer the up-to-date information as for what to visit and what to see in Munich. This information will help you get a bigger picture as regards to tourist attractions this city has to offer. Munich is the second most visited city in German and the capital city of Bavaria. The main attractions that draw this many tourists to Munich are: Nymphenburg Palace that looks almost as lavish as Versailles palace in France, Marienplatz with its astonishing New Town Hall, one of the largest parks in the world called English Garden, Odeonsplatz where the first Nazi putsch had failed back in 1923, just to name some attractions.

Discover Munich

Saint Petersburg

There is so much beauty in one place there one fails to find anywhere else. Somewhat inaptly named the Venice of the North, Saint Petersburg is like a fairy tale the splendor of which is complemented with towering golden domes of the Petropavlovsk Fortress, the Isaac Cathedral, the Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood and the Admiralty. This is the city of famous writers Dostoyevsky and Yesenin, the Hermitage, the most beautiful museum in the world, the divine Imperial Village, a magical river Neva, a plethora of bridges and most importantly, this is the city of incredibly polite people.

Discover Saint Petersburg


Petrozavodsk, is not only the capital of the Republic of Karelia and a vibrant tourism centre, but it is also the cultural centre. Petrozavodsk museums, galleries, and exhibition halls are well known in the northwest of Russia and in other countries. The list of sights to see and places to visit in Petrozavodsk does not end at Kizhi Museum. There are some museums, galleries and exhibitions below (not all), which may be interesting to different tourists. Even more so, some of them offer the opportunity not only to be a visitor but an artist, a worker, or even a seafarer to name but a few . Tourists may make something using their own hands!

Discover Petrozavodsk

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a special place on earth that looks like no other. Picture perfect nature, incredibly polite and smiling people, rich cultural heritage and history and a string of fascinating jungles are the main characteristics of Sri Lanka.

Discover Sri Lanka

Kos Island

Kos is an amazing island for those who dare enjoy an adventure to uncover a very long history of the island, Mediterranean beaches, medieval fortresses, hidden thermal springs and lots more. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine was born on this island five centuries BC. Due to its long and often violent history the island of Kos is also home to some stunningly beautiful medieval castles as well. Finally, some beaches are plain looking but beautiful still and will certainly make you summer holidays very enjoyable.

Discover Kos Island


The city of Pisa rises above the docks of Arno river. Pisa is one of the most important cities in Tuscany and it is well known in the world thanks to the city’s famous symbol, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We could say that Pisa is both, an ancient city, proud of it’s middle ages past, when Pisa was one of the leading naval force in Europe, and a modern city, full of positive energy that comes from its numerous students, as Pisa has three of the most important universities in Italy. Even if most famous monument in Pisa is the leaning Tower, it is not the only one in this city. Bell Tower of San Nicola Church and the church of San Michele of Scalzi are the other two leaning towers in Pisa.

Discover Pisa

Lake Como

With its gardens with a riot of colour, wonderful villas and splendid panoramic views Lake Como has become one of the most visited tourist places in Italy. The compellingly beautiful Lake Como seems to have enchanted artists and travelers for centuries: from famous Giuseppe Verdi and Vicenzo Bellini who apparently wrote his opera “Norma” here, to Gioacchino Rossini and a French writer Flaubert.

Discover Lake Como


Cairo, in Arabic Al-Qahirah, means Mars (the planet Mars) because the planet Mars rose upwards into the sky the day the city was founded. Founded in the age of the Pharaohs under the name of Heliopolis, Cairo has been the centreground of different cultures and religions over the centuries and is one of the oldest cities in the world. Cultural heritage is truly remarkable in this city and its visitors may enjoy in monuments that are over 5.000 years old. Starting from fascinating pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian museum where visitors shall see the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s treasures brought from his burial chamber, Mosque of Muhammad Ali made of alabaster stone, Coptic district and stunningly beautiful church of Saint Virgin Mary also called the “Hanging church”, the bazaar of Khan El Khalili.

Discover Cairo


Luxor is situated on the east bank of the Nile, rising on the grounds of ancient Thebes, the capital of the Pharaohs. Today, the city has 506,588 inhabitants and is considered a real open-air museum. In fact, Luxor “owns” some wonders of Egypt, including the Colossi of Memnon, the funerary complex of Pharaoh Amenhotep, majestic temples, statues, buildings, pyramids and the two valleys of kings and queens. Dozens of tombs were found here, including the one of Pharaoh Ramses, in which hieroglyphics have been magnificently preserved for millennia.

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Hurghada was once an isolated and relatively small fishing village. Today, this is the city full of tourists and numerous attractions that visitors should not miss when visiting Egypt. Hurghada is located approximately 430 km south of Suez, in the area where the sea isthmus extends into the Red Sea; it is a destination with beautiful sandy beaches, warm sea and quality hotels, which were constructed in recent times. Visitors can visit the city center with a typical Arab bustle and enjoy endless bargains over souvenir prices or follow these events from a nearby coffee shop. Hurghada is an ideal place for families to rest, but also for anyone who is willing to dive and discover the beautiful underwater world full of colorful corals and exotic fish. There are 250 coral reefs and over 1000 different fish species.

Discover Hurghada

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore represents the most beautiful jewel of Piemonte region in Italy. Located between mountains and valleys, Lago Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy (after Lago di Garda), covering the surface of 212km². Almost 80% of the lake’s surface is located on Italian territory, between regions Piemonte and Lombardy, while the remaining 20% belongs to Switzerland. Here, you will have a chance to enjoy such artistic landscapes that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. Between the emerald green vegetation and the shining blue sky stand numerous castles, sumptuous palaces and prestigious Italian gardens. These monuments testify about the link between the two noble families, which, for years, marked the history of the lake: families Visconti and Borromeo.

Discover Lake Maggiore


Sarajevo or Sheher, as it used to be called is located in the heart of the Balkan, so it is an ideal starting point for those who want to visit this region. Due to the strategic and geografical position of the city, Sarajevo was occupied by many rulers: the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Germans during the World War II. Sarajevo is popularly called the European Jerusalem. Today, in its new-old attire, it welcomes every well-meaning traveler and is a real treat for both the eyes and the soul of all who wish to visit Sarajevo.

Discover Sarajevo


Perast is home to some of the most beautiful palaces along the Adriatic coast. This is the city of steep stone streets, flower giards, the city of churchs, the city of closed jalouisies, tncredible islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks, the city of legends, seafaring and glorious captains. Least, but not last, Perast is home of the famous Peras Cake. This old baroque city has attracted many writers, poets, actors and painters with his charm. Intoxicated, they become in love with this little miracle located on the Adriatic shore.

Discover Perast


Risan is the oldest settlement in Boka Kotorska. It is located at the northern point of the bay. Risan is an ideal place for holidays for young people, but also for families with children, because this village is never crowded even during the summer season. The most important tourist attractions in Risan are Roman mosaics from the third century BC, Monastery Banja, the church of St. George and the church of St. Peter and Paul. On the hill Gradina above Risan, there are the remains of the old Illyrian castle.

Discover Risan

Boka Kotorska

Boka Kotorska or simply Boka (in Italian Bocce di Cattaro) is the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea. It consists of four bays: The Bay of Herceg Novi, Tivat Bay, Risan Bay and Kotor Bay. The length of Bokakotorska Bay is 116 kilometers. The maximum depth of the bay is 60 meters. Boka Kotorska is the only fjord in the Mediterranean, surrounded by high mountains Orjen and Lovcen. There are countless small fishing villages and 3 major cities in the bay: Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor, as well as 7 islands: Mamula, Our Lady of Mercy, Vedvedje, Saint George, Our Lady of the Rocks and the Island of Flowers. There are also two peninsulas here: Luštica and Vrmac.

Discover Boka Kotorska


The city of Palermo was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians. They named the city Zyz, after a flower, dedicated to the beauty of this area surrounded by mountains and four rivers: Kemania, Oreto, Pannaria and Papireto. Later on, the Greeks tried several times to conquer the city, but all their attempts were thwarted. Finally, only the Romans succeeded to occupy Palermo, during the First Punic War in the 3rd century BC.

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