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Countries to visit:



Inspiring Italy! Famous Italian food, design, Italian way of living, but also an enchanting land that no matter how many times you visit it seems to remain undiscovered and enveloped in a moat of long and chequered history that gave birth to so many beautiful towns and cities. The main tourist attractions are certainly the breathtaking cities of Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and Napoli, however Italy also offers a plethora of less well-known places that still seem to manage to impress visitors inasmuch as on their way back home they already start planning another holyday to Italy.

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Enchanting Portugal! Portugal is a country in southern Europe and together with Spain divides the Iberian Peninsula. This country of a long history offers to tourists sites from the iron age, Roman Empire, more modern age of Portuguese expansion, colonization with discoveries and of course modern cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Its long coast on the Atlantic Ocean as well as archipelagos hide marvellous places that have not been properly discovered by tourists.

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Smiles, famous Serbian hospitality and excellent food are most common impressions that this country provokes in tourists. Belgrade and Novi Sad are the most visited cities in Serbia. However, Serbia is also a country of many natural wonders, beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers that still wait to be discovered by international tourists.

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of rather popular world tourist destinations. It is a country of beautiful castles and with one of the most beautiful European cities - Prague. Apart from Prague (the most visited tourist destination in the country) and numerous beautiful castles, there are also enchanting small towns famous for thermal springs, such as Karlovy Vary. They attract substantial attention of tourists that become mesmerized by the beauty of these towns and the surrounding nature.

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France is an unexplainable country, a home to beautiful buildings and revolutionist spirit. It is a country of beauty and prestige but also a country of common people. It is a country in which people think and whose glow is not superficial; it is sufficient to visit places where common people meet in order to understand in how many different directions a French thought goes. It is a country of love and lovers. It is country of artists who became known as rebels before becoming famous. If described as a woman, France would be a mistress that fascinates with her beauty and whose embrace no one would wish to leave.

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Tourist destinations:


The city of canals, numerous islands and bridges, the city of gondolas, beautiful architecture, breathtaking palaces, the city of the carnival and masks, in a few words – a city with which one can fall in love easily. All of these words describe Venice as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. Venice offers so much to visitors: palaces and buildings that will take you on a trip through the rich history of this unique city, numerous canals to cross on foot or by a gondola, numerous islands that still stay hidden to most tourists, as well as a large number of tourist sights and museums.

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The eternal city, a city of glorious ancient times, a city of history, the cradle of Roman Catholic Church - are just some attributes that distinguish Rome from other popular tourist destinations. Tourists will be able to take a peek at the beauty and glory of once the most important city in the world and to enjoy its more modern architectural jewels, mostly built by different Popes. Don’t just visit Coliseums and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Rome has so much more to offer.

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Madeira Island

Madeira is a beautiful island in The Atlantic Ocean that flourishes with life, offers a display of colorful flowers and fruits that most visitors have never seen before, wonderful nature, best views, amazing hiking trails etc. it is so hard to put into worlds the uniqueness of Madeira Island and its nature. The volcanic nature of the island hides most of the island’s beaches behind high cliffs, but instead offers great viewpoints towards the ocean, beautiful forests that hide incredible animal and plant species as well as many hidden locations that only wait to be discovered. Even though the main attractions of the island are its exotic tropical nature and botanical gardens, Madeira also has well-developed cities dedicated to the needs of modern tourists with a lot of sights, history, shopping areas, restaurants etc.

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This often neglected European tourist destination has much to offer. Its perfect location on the confluence of two large rivers always drew people in search of better life, but also an incredible number of conquerors. This is the city over which the greatest number of battles was fought in the history of mankind and the city with the largest number of names given by this infinite number of invaders. Even though the city was destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, giving the impression that this vicious circle would never end, today Belgrade is the city of many hidden wonders and one of the best nightlife experiences in Europe.

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Zlatibor is a beautiful mountain in Serbia, often visited by domestic and foreign tourists for its enchanting nature, perfectly clear, invigorating air, delicious local cuisine and generally healing properties of the mountain. Exactly because of these features, parents tend to take children to Zlatibor as often as possible. However, apart from the famous fresh air and enjoyable walks, keep in mind that there is also lot to be seen and visited while on the mountain.

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Ravenna is a city of history, numerous monuments that testify of it turbulent past as well as its glory as the capital city of Empires and Kingdoms. The main attractions of Ravenna are certainly its churches and mosaics that all date back to the 5th and 6th century and the early Christian societies in Europe. The scale and beauty of colorful Byzantine mosaics, their historical significance as well as monuments that date back to the Ostrogoths’ were even recognized by UNESCO who included 8 sites in this small city on their World Heritage list. Ravenna is a city that allows its visitors to embark on a journey through history and especially through history of Byzantine, from the civilization of which, only traces have survived around the world.

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Prague is a crown jewel of the Czech Republic, a city of towers, bridges, masterpieces of gothic architecture and of course Prague’s castle that for centuries overlooks the whole city. Many tourists become enchanted by the beauty of this city and decide to let go, to become a part of the fairytale, for which you just need a pinch of imagination. We tried to bring at least a piece of this fairytale closer to you through articles about all tourist sights, museums and other wonders of the city.

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Milano is a city of fashion, a city fascinated with the illusion of beauty, a city of beautiful Gothic architecture, a city of culture, city of young people, city of fairs and architectural accomplishments. All of the previously mentioned attributes describe Milan, the business capital of Italy, that reveals its charm to its visitors just after a second glance. To modern tourists Milan offers impressive buildings, numerous museums, beautiful religious buildings, culture as the mixture of the modern trends and the tradition that goes back to the Roman Empire, splendid shopping zones and different nightlife zones that will satisfy tastes of all visitors.

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Lake Garda

This is the page dedicated to Lake Garda on which you can find a complete tourist guide and suggestions about what to visit while planning your trip to the lake. Lake Garda is one of three great lakes in the northern Italy. Its beautiful little towns on the banks of the lake draw an incredible number of tourists each year, who come for its mild climate, walks on the banks of the lake, Italian cuisine and of course to admire the heritage of this region imprisoned in numerous castles, villas and picturesque villages and towns.

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This is a complete tourist guide to Paris, France. We offer the up-to-date information as for what to visit and what to see in Paris. This information will help you get a bigger picture as regards tourist attractions this city has to offer. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and this fact stands to reason. Some of the much sought after tourist attractions are located here, such as for example the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arch, Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysees Avenue, Orsay Museum or the famous Versailles Palace. Apart from these world-famous attractions, Paris is the city of love, the charm of which is almost irresistible to most visitors. If you are already in love, chances are that Paris will make you fall in love again, this time with the city itself.

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