Enchanting Portugal! Portugal is a country in southern Europe and together with Spain divides the Iberian Peninsula. This country of a long history offers to tourists sites from the iron age, Roman Empire, more modern age of Portuguese expansion, colonization with discoveries and of course modern cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Its long coast on the Atlantic Ocean as well as archipelagos hide marvellous places that have not been properly discovered by tourists.

List of destinations in Portugal:

Madeira Island

Madeira Island

Madeira is a beautiful island in The Atlantic Ocean that flourishes with life, offers a display of colorful flowers and fruits that most visitors have never seen before, wonderful nature, best views, amazing hiking trails etc. it is so hard to put into worlds the uniqueness of Madeira Island and its nature. The volcanic nature of the island hides most of the island’s beaches behind high cliffs, but instead offers great viewpoints towards the ocean, beautiful forests that hide incredible animal and plant species as well as many hidden locations that only wait to be discovered. Even though the main attractions of the island are its exotic tropical nature and botanical gardens, Madeira also has well-developed cities dedicated to the needs of modern tourists with a lot of sights, history, shopping areas, restaurants etc.

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