Tourist map of Supermarkets in Venice

On this page you will find the map of different supermarkets in Venice. In doing so, we believe we will save the time of the visitors of the city, the time that can be spent much better by visiting beautiful tourist attractions of Venice.

There are numerous supermarket chains in Venice that have positioned themselves differently. Due to the unique architecture of the city in the city center there are only small supermarkets, since there was no space for building large supermarkets like in other cities. It is worth mentioning that in the city center the prices in the supermarkets are much higher than on the mainland, and that just a few of the supermarket chains are present. Probably due to higher rents, low competition, complicated logistics or all of the above, the prices in the center of Venice tend to be up to 30-40% higher than those in the same supermarkets on the mainland. Also some of the more convenient supermarket chains, such as Lidl can be found only in Mestre or Margera (mainland Venice).

In order to see the locations of all of the tourist attractions, museums and places of interest in Venice, we advise you to open the map on the page of Venice. This is how you will be able to discover locations of sights, museums, shopping zones, etc. that are close to your hotel or close to other attractions you do not want to miss.