Sri Lanka:

Community Tsunami Museum

Community Tsunami Museum

Community Tsunami Museum in Sri Lanka represents a path laden with painful emotions because it is a  monument that still in silent testimony of the sufferings of the people of Sri Lanka from the time when the tsunami hit their coast in 2004. This museum has guides who explain how  tsunami came to be, what  the cause of it was, how the damage was done and what they, as a community, are doing today in order to overcome such terrible consequences if a new tsunami befalls the region. They will also explain the new security system that was implemented in order to warn the people when to find a shelter and go and hide.

Visitors will see  powerful photographs of the coastal area after the tsunami and understand what these people went through when the disaster struck. The people of Sri Lanka, aided with the donation from the adjacent countries, were united in renewing the entire coast which was devastated beyond repair. However, there are still some areas that were not renewed.
Mainly visitors get deeply touched when they visit this museum because of the strong and powerful message that this museum communicates.

The entrance in Community Tsunami Museum is free of charge, however there is a donation box, where if visitors so wish can donate the money.

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