Sri Lanka:

Tourist map of Attractions in Sri Lanka

On this page our visitors may find the locations of the most visited tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. These maps allow our visitors to see how far from each other different attractions are located, which is of great help while planning the trip and considering what can be visited while in Sri Lanka. There are numerous tourist attractions that draw a large number of tourists to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is most famous for its rainforest, wild safari, elephant orphanages, forts from the colonial periods, Adam’s peak where Buddha’s footprint has been preserved, spice gardens, incredible tea plantations, most beautiful train rides in the world and many others.
You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different areas in Sri Lanka.

This is the icon that we use for tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

In order to see all of the attractions that draw attention of tourists, we advise you to open the map on the page of Sri Lanka. This is how you will be able to discover locations of all attractions that are close to your accommodation and that you do not want to miss. These maps will help you plan your trip and decide which attractions you can manage to visit depending on your preferences and time available.

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