Privacy Policy- KASADOO

Kasadoo website uses Google analytics to collect visitor's data and analyze traffic on the website. This information helps us understand reader’s interest and helps us improve the website. When you use our website, the pages that you look at, short text files (called cookies) are downloaded to your computer. Cookies are used in order to store small amounts of information for the sole purpose of traffic analysis. Cookies do not contain personal data! The collected information concerns the duration of the visit, the number of pages that a visitor opened etc. and is collected only during the visit to Kasadoo website.

Depending on the browser that you are using, you can select the option to block cookies and/or to notify you when they are activated. Google analytics do not trade, sell or give this information to third parties for advertisement/marketing or data-mining purposes. Please visit Google Analytics for their privacy policy.
Kasadoo website does not trade, give or sell information collected to third parties for advertisement/marketing or data mining purposes. Furthermore, the comments that the visitors of the website post are visible to everyone. Travel and back keeps the right to delete any article, review or a comment without any previous notice. If in any of the articles you find links to other websites, keep in mind that these websites do not have the same privacy policy or terms of use. We advise you to examine the privacy policy and terms of use of those websites before using them.