Austria is one of the smallest European countries and at the same time the best organized. As a country located in the middle of the old continent, it has always been at the crossroads of various civilizations, from early history to the present day. The country appeals to a huge number of people because of its living standard, but also because of its position in the central part of Europe. Austria is widely known for its art and culture. Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Strauss and many others were most prominent cultural personages of Austria. Austria has artistic treasures that are mirrored in a large number of museums, galleries and sights. There are 196 public and 176 private museums, 60 theaters, 3 opera houses and over 70 festivals. Austria is oft associated with waltz, opera, New Year's Viennese concerts, balls, classical music etc. Austria is a great challenge for all skiing aficionados as well because Austria has some of the best ski resorts on the slopes of the Alps

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Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is the capital city of Austria. The beauty of the city changes depending on the season, but it acquires a particular glimmer and almost movie-like glitz and glamour during the Christmas season. Photos of Vienna uncover a rich history, numerous museums, outstanding architecture, a variety of artwork, superb fun and entertainment, delicious food and popular shopping spots. Vienna is the city of music and the waltz, of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert. If you think fairy tales aren’t real, visit Vienna to see just how wrong you are, and enjoy its castles and carriages. Everything you see will make you want to know more about the city, and time will seem to fly by, leaving you wanting a minute or an hour more to savour the moment. Vienna is the city for those who feel art to its core, as well as for those who enjoy high quality food. The Vienna Steak and Sacher-torte are a must-have. Vienna offers you a variety of national cuisines, thanks to the many restaurants and bars that will allow anyone to find something for their taste.

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