Sweden is a royal Scandinavian country neighbored by Norway and Finland and connected to Denmark to the southwest with the Øresund Bridge. The country is surrounded by the Skagerrak Strait to the southwest, the Baltic Strait and the Bothnian Bay to the east. The capital, Stockholm, is Sweden’s largest city. Sweden is famous for its forests, mountains, islands, the Vikings, high life standards, cleanliness and order. This is the country where Nobel Prizes are awarded, the country where the story of Pippi Longstockings is from, the land of ABBA, and the most widely known brand it boasts, Ikea.

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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, a royal city of museums, culture and lush greenery. Also called The Queen of the North, it lays on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Stokholm is a cosmopolitan city with over two million inhabitants, located in the east of Sweden, containing 14 islands. Walking through this city will awake something completely new inside you, as everything around you will seem almost perfect! You will fall in love a t first glance with its architecture, restaurants, apalaces, museums, its historical district, its islands and people will make you feel as if you were inside a fairy tale. We would love for you to visit the city for a long time period or to at least return to it several times a year, as it is inspiring, liberating, it awakes inside you a mindset that you can do whatever you set your mind to! Stockholm is the city that makes you feel like a king or queen.

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