Argentina is a country located in South America, between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean. Argentina was named after the Latin word argentum, which means silver. It is believed that the colonization of the state began in order to take control of the new world and the riches that could be found there. Argentina bordered on the north on Paraguay and Bolivia, on the west on Chile and on the northeast on Uruguay and Brazil. Argentina is a beautiful country rich in natural resources and fertile land. Due to political turmoil throughout its history, Argentina has had various ups and downs, and the most serious crisis hit the country in the early 2000s. According to the latest data, Argentina has about 45 million inhabitants, while about 3 million live in the capital Buenos Aires. This beautiful country offers its visitors numerous attractions and natural resources that visitors will enjoy.

List of destinations in Argentina:

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

When it comes to Buenos Aires, you can rest assured that it is a city that will touch your heart. Hidden inside a bay, but in no way unnoticeable, this metropolis with a population of 3 million people won’t cause you to lose track in it as other cold cities would. Kind passers-by will do their best to help you find your way around this pleasantly warm South American city. Buenos Aires is the third-largest city on the South American continent, and is home to one of the most important piers in that part of the world. The capital of Argentina is one of the rare autonomous municipalities of the world. Even though it is included in the territory of the province that carries the same name, the city separated from it in 1880, after the end of the Argentine Civil Wars, and thanks to a lengthy federalization process ended.

Discover Buenos Aires

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