Switzerland is a small country located in Central Europe. Switzerland is characterized by amazing nature, beautiful mountains, fascinating lakes and fabulous small villages. These landscapes are considered to be what makes Switzerland a perfect destination for vacation and exploring new cultures. Alps and mountains make up as much as 62% of the country's territory. Each city in Switzerland has its own individuality with a unique city life. Of course we must also mention Swiss cheese, chocolate and beer. If you ask the Swiss how they manage to get along with each other despite the differences, the answer is their mutual love for cheese.

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Bern, also spelled Bern, is the capital of Switzerland and the canton of Berne, in the western central part of the country. It lies along the narrow loop of the Are River. Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen, founded the city of Bern. For strategic reasons, it was necessary to have a strong fortification on the peninsula formed by the river Are, so the duke accordingly entrusted one of his nobles with the task of building a city there.

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