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We are a young group of people enthusiastic about traveling! The idea is to offer travelers all the local knowledge about a destination and allow people to have all the information necessary to plan and enjoy their vacations to the fullest. We have organized a network of correspondents from around the world that write about their home cities and provide tourists with true and realistic information about a destination. Who knows a city better than a local person? This is how you will be able to avoid typical tourist traps and really experience a city or a town and all of its wonders.
Also, since we are travelers as well, we know how important it is to have all the information organized as best as possible. We paid an incredible amount of attention in order to offer to you information organized in a manner that allows fast browsing and easier decision making. In only a few minutes you will be able to select the attractions you want to visit and inform yourself on prices, how to reach the location, how to prepare yourself before the visit etc.

We have not only offered the information about destinations, but also the tastes and colors that often stay hidden for those that visit the destination for a short period. What usually happens is that tourists end up walking in circles because they are not familiar with a destination. Also, almost by the rule on these popular sights everything is designed to take out extra money from visitors, e.g. by serving pre-cooked meals, offering tours of attraction where you can actually enter free of charge, etc. So far, tourists have relied on information from different forums or blogs, but in this case you end up seeing what other people have already seen, again mostly in the city center, and again you end up walking in circles. It is also not rare that individuals take advantage of these travel websites to promote their own restaurants, shops etc. and negatively review other businesses in order to eliminate the competition. This significantly distorts reality.

We are, on the contrary, on a personal quest to offer the best information possible and offer a variety of articles with different areas of interest in order to allow visitors to chose what they want to see, where they want to go and what to taste according to the duration of their visit and personal preferences. We solved all previously mentioned problems by developing a network of correspondents - locals that offer most objective and reliable information to visitors of the website. This is how you will finally be able to experience a destination to the fullest, understand those people and their habits, and finally return home with something so much more precious that will became a part of you, than just a few photos of different buildings.

We are young, but constantly growing and we will not rest until we make the world smaller for everyone, but most importantly offer reliable information on all the world’s wonders and jewels. Our correspondents are compensated for their effort by receiving a percentage of the income generated from the website, which they will continue to receive as long as they want to and as long as they maintain the quality of information.

If you are enthusiastic about traveling as much as we are, and you are sure you have something to say about your home city or a town, contact us and join this ever-growing family of travelers that know no boundaries.

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