Tourist map

Map of Jajce

On this map visitors may find all of the tourist attractions of Jajce. This map shows the locations of: all tourist sights,museums, most important religious sites etc.

Tourist map of Jajce

History of Jajce

History of Jajce

Tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Sarajevo or Sheher, as it used to be called is located in the heart of the Balkan, so it is an ideal starting point for those who want to visit this region. Due to the strategic and geografical position of the city, Sarajevo was occupied by many rulers: the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Germans during the World War II. Sarajevo is popularly called the European Jerusalem. Today, in its new-old attire, it welcomes every well-meaning traveler and is a real treat for both the eyes and the soul of all who wish to visit Sarajevo.

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Mostar is a beautiful city on the river Neretva. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located 80 km southwest of the capital Sarajevo. It has 105,797 inhabitants. The largest city in Herzegovina, with a total area of 1,175 km2, was named after the guardians of bridges. Mostar can be described as a junction of northern, western and eastern Herzegovina. Mostar was once an important center of textile industry, tobacco and mining (bauxite). Mostar stretches in three valleys: in the north (Bijelo Polje), in the center Mostarska kotlina (where the city itself is located) and in the south Bišće Polje. Velež and Prenj are mountains located near Mostar and Bunica, Jasenica, Buna and Neretva (whose beauties we will get to know in detail), are the rivers that flow through Mostar. The Old Bridge is the most important sight of Mostar known for the jumps that have been organized here every year.

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