Tourist map of Sarajevo

On this map visitors may find all of the tourist attractions of Sarajevo. This map shows the locations of: all tourist sights, museums, most important religious sites, shopping zones etc. You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different areas of the city. This map will help you plan your trip and help you discover what is near your hotel or near your favorite destinations in the city that you do not want to miss.

The city of Sarajevo was always on a crossroad between the eastern and wester civilization, which is why visitors will have the opportunity to meet cultures, architecture styles and religions from different parts of the world. Our visitors will enjoy walking and purchasing some interesting souvenirs in “Bascarsija”, to see the magnificent Beg Mosque, to see the nature near “Kozija cuprija”, to stand on the spot where Crown Prince of Austro-Hungarian empire Franz Ferdinand was shot, or perhaps to visit one of beautiful museums in Sarajevo.

This is the icon that we use for all tourist sights on this and other maps.

This is the icon that we use for all museums on this and other maps.

By clicking on any of these icons visitors can see the name of the attraction and the links that will take you directly to a specific article.

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