Tetuan Street

Tetuan Street

Tetuan Street (Calle Tetuan) is one of the most important streets in Seville and is located in the center of the city. It seems as if the whole city has settled in one street. It is considered a street of fashion, good food and quality drinks. With a large number of shops, small shops, restaurants and bars, it is a favorite pedestrian shopping area for all visitors to Seville. The street was originally called Monteros when it was inhabited by hunters who served King Fernando III in the 15th century. Then the street changed its name to Kolceros. And while it was under that name, it was known as the street where quilt merchants lived.

This beautiful street got its current name in the 19th century - Tetouan. The most important theater of the city used to be at the Tetuan address, and was called Teatro San Fernadno. The theater was demolished in 1973. The street is also recognized by an advertisement made of perfectly fitted tiles showing Studebaker cars in which people are sitting, while the thinker Rodin can be seen in the background. This is one of the oldest colorful advertisements. The tiles were restored and the advertisement was restored to its original shine.

You will often see the image of this advertisement in photos because it is a favorite stopping point for all tourists on this street. The caption of the advertisement is "car with 6 cylinders".
After shopping, it is pure pleasure to drink coffee in one of the bars.

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Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
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Photo by Jose Manuel Esp on Unsplash

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