France is certainly a country which seems to defy any definite and far too easy an explanation, home to stunningly beautiful buildings and revolutionary spirit. It is a country of beauty and prestige but also a country of ordinary people. It is a country of thinkers who tend to exude aura of authority around the sheer superficial; it is enough to visit places where ordinary people get together in order to understand in how many different directions a French thought goes. It is a country of love and lovers. It is a country of aspiring artists who became known as rebels before getting their fair share of fame and glory. If it were to be described as a woman, France would be a mistress who overwhelms with her beauty and whose embrace not one man would ever wish to part with.

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This is a complete tourist guide to Paris, France. We offer the up-to-date information as for what to visit and what to see in Paris. This information will help you get a bigger picture as regards tourist attractions this city has to offer. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and this fact stands to reason. Some of the much sought after tourist attractions are located here, such as for example the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arch, Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysees Avenue, Orsay Museum or the famous Versailles Palace. Apart from these world-famous attractions, Paris is the city of love, the charm of which is almost irresistible to most visitors. If you are already in love, chances are that Paris will make you fall in love again, this time with the city itself.

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