England is best known today for Big Ben, The Beatles, tea, the Royal Family, chips, and Windsor Castle, the oldest Royal residential building still in use today. The county got its name for the Germanic tribe, the Angles, who settled central, northern and eastern England in the 5th and 6th centuries. A part of The United Kingdom, England shares land borders with Wales in the west and Scotland in the north. The Irish Sea lies northwest from England, while the Celtic sea is located in the southwest of the country. The country is separated from Continental Europe by The North Sea in the East and the English Channel in the South.

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London is a unique European town located on the shores of the river Thames. It is the seat of the Government of The United Kingdom, as well as the main financial center of the country and Europe alike. You could say that the city is located at a favorable place in the south of England, a city that has always been densely populated and located in the wealthiest part of the country. Known for its acrhitecture, bustling lifestyle, London is a city that people either love or hate too much and you can absoultely say that it is a city of contrast in this regard.

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