A central-European country known for its pristene nature, its mountains, forrests, sea, rivers, ski resorts and Termas, Slovenia is a country that leaves a mark on its visitors, whereher he may walk in it. Slovenia is a country spreading over an area of 20.237km2, sharing borders with Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. This country may be the only one that perfectly fits the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Basin, as well as stone karst into its scenery, which means that you could enjoy the view of the blue sea at the same time as snowy mountain terrain. In a two-hour trip, you could go from Portorož by the sea to the top of Triglav in this country ideal for summer and winter vacations alike, but not highly recommended for weekend escapes.

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The capital of Slovenia, as well as its greenest city, Ljubljana is a city rich with history and culture. Slovenia is a country that awakes the sense of what a person needs to treat nature and his surroundings like. Order and cleanliness are this city’s main atributes! It is widely thought that the history of Ljubljana goes back five thousand years, changing epochs ranging from the Roman military, trade-based Emona, all the way to the introduction of Slavs to the area. A landmark dating back to the 12th century is the fortress city which was devastated in the 16th century, only to be rebuilt in the 19th century with a new viewpoint.

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