Privacy Policy of the Website

We take your privacy and data exchange between your computer and seriously, and we have put maximum effort to make the communication secure and minimize the data we collect from our visitors.

For these reasons, uses https protocol for encryption and secure data transfer. Also, we avoid the use of third-party plugins wherever possible, to avoid the third-party access to your data. Below you can see the details of the data we collect or the data the third party entities can access.


When using a small text file (cookie) is sometimes saved on your computer. That document is used to improve – this activity ranges from adjusting content to accelerating the content functionality. Please note that cookies are not used to individually identify the person who visited, but to group the data about anonymous users.

By continuing to browse, it is automatically considered that you agree to our use of cookies.

Use of Personal Data operates without the direct use of personal data of visitors, with the following exception:

Contact Form

If you contact us through the contact form, we need your email address in order to respond to your inquiry. In the contact form there is also a field in which the name is also asked. In some cases, the name and surname of the person who is sending the query is necessary and important, e.g. when it comes to a cooperation query, while in some cases just a name or a nickname is sufficient, e. g. in case one is just looking for additional information about a destination.

The name, surname and email address entered in the contact form are used only for the purpose of responding to the query and will never be used for any other purposes.

Protection of the Server against Unauthorized Intrusion into the Administration System and Monitoring the Stability of the Server

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, in particular with the 49th Recital, we use appropriate measures to protect the Server from unauthorized intrusion into the administration system and to monitor the stability of the Server.

Automated Visitors IP Address Storage for the Purpose of Suppression of the Unauthorized Use of

In order to protect the Server from an unauthorized intrusion, and thus from unauthorized use of the data stored on it, we store information about the IP addresses of computers accessing the Server. The data is used solely for the purposes of suppressing the propagation of malicious code and stopping unauthorized access. The server access data is automatically deleted after 30 days.

Monitoring System Stability

In order to monitor the stability of the Server and to respond adequately to any difficulties in its operation, we use the New Relic service. The New Relic variation we use does not process visitor's personal data. You can find out more about New Relic's application of the Regulation here

Third-party scripts

Google AdSense Advertising System

Ads from Google's AdSense network appear on Those ads can be both non-personalized and personalized. Personalized ads reach users based on their interests, demographics and other criteria. If you want to stop personalized ads being displayed to you, you can opt-out here

Measurement and Website Traffic Analysis

We use Google Analytics to measure the traffic on As part of this service, we use the IP anonymization function, and we do not use the data obtained using Google Analytics to individually identify visitors of

Data obtained using Google Analytics is used in aggregate form for the following purposes:

  • Adapting Website content to reader's interests
  • Monitor the traffic on the webpage (e.g. the total number of visits per day, average duration of the visits etc.)
  • Detecting and correcting problems in the running of
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the modifications on

Turning off the Google Analytics Tracking

If you do not want to be tracked through Google Analytics, you can install the browser plug-in that allows you to switch it off. Additional information is available here

Functionality Do Not Track (DNT) is an option that you can activate in your web browser and it sends a message to a website not to track visitors who have activated that option. There is currently no standardized way of responding to such a signal and we are not reacting to it for now.

Google Maps Service

On same pages of website there are Google Maps displaying specific locations, such as pages that show locations of different tourist attractions, sights, museums (example). We do not collect the data about the location of visitors who browse through those pages and maps. All the details of the terms and conditions and data that Google may collect when using the displayed Google Maps can be found on the following sites:

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