Tourist map of Austria

Austria is one of the smallest European countries and at the same time the best organized. As a country located in the middle of the old continent, it has always been the center of encounters of various civilizations, from early history to the present day. The country is extremely attractive because of its living standard, but also because of its position in the central part of Europe. Austria is widely known for its art and culture.

Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Strauss and many others were most proment culture represetatives of Austria. Austria has artistic treasures that are reflected in a large number of museums, galleries and sights. There are 196 public and 176 private museums, 60 theaters, 3 opera houses, over 70 festivals. We also connect Austria with waltz, opera, New Year's concerts, balls, classical music etc. Austria is a great challenge for all ski lovers because Austria has some of the best ski resorts on the Alpine ridges.

The Capital: Vienna (population 1,911,728)
The Country Area: 83,879 km2
The Population: 8,902,600 inhabitants.
Currency: Euro (€).

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