Lists of Rome

By now we are used to searching for the information in a specific format: what to visit in Rome, top ten attractions in Rome, top five museum in Rome, things to do in Rome etc. This page is dedicated to the articles in that specific format, that will allow you to get an introduction to the tourist destination and allow you to learn about the most important tourist attractions, which you certainly should consider visiting. Each attraction in these articles is linked to the original texts where you will be able to get more information on the history, prices, working hours etc.

What to visit in Rome

What to visit in Rome

Visitors often have trouble deciding what to visit in Rome during their stay. By offering top ten destinations in the city of Rome we hope to help our visitors in deciding how best to spend their time in the eternal city. These are our 10 suggestions, but keep in mind that there are numerous things to do and see in Rome and that you may choose numerous other attractions under the categories - museums, sights and religious sights.

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