Rome’s seaside Lido di Roma

Rome’s seaside Lido di Roma

If you come to Rome for more than two days during the summer time, do not miss it. Rome can be extremely hot during the summer period, especially during the month of August, so this can be an amazing chance to enjoy the sea and to cool down a bit. It can be reached by metro.

Rome is just 30 kilometers away from the nearest seaside. Since the city is so famous for short breaks and sightseeing, not many tourists know how easily they can reach the seaside and enjoy the water and the sun. It can be reached by metro, and the line that takes to the beach and back operates from 5:08 to 23:30h. This is a long sandy beach, and after you get into the water it may take some time before you reach the depth where you can actually swim. Nevertheless, there are not many places in the world where you can have a beautiful sightseeing experience like in the capital city of Italy and then to even enjoy the sea for a day or two.

Ticket prices for Rome’s beaches
The entrance to the beach is free of charge. But since there is no shade on the beach many visitors decide to rent a sun bed and a parasol. Depending on which part of the beach you end up on, the rental prices will differ, remember though that prices are negotiable.