Amphitheatre and Antiquarium Alda Levi

Amphitheatre and Antiquarium Alda Levi

During the period of the Roman Empire, one of the largest amphitheaters in northern Italy was constructed outside the city walls of Milan. This typical Roman building with elliptical arena and  a real bonanza for spectators was a scene of many gladiator duels, duels between animals and men, executions of individuals condemned to fight the beasts and even naval battles. It had some impressive 20,000 seats. During the 5th century when the building lost its main purpose, the construction materials were taken from it and reused for new buildings (for example Basilica of Sent Lorenzo) and in order to reinforce some parts of the city walls.
Nowadays, there is not much left from once impressive building, but the remains can be visited and are located within the archeological park.
Right at the entrance to the park, brace yourself for a surprise- the Antiquarium Alda Levi. It is a museum divided into two sections and is free of charge.  The first room is dedicated to the development process of the neighborhood in which the amphitheatre once stood, and which is one of the richest areas from the archeological and architectural point of view. The second room is dedicated to the history and characteristics of the Roman amphitheatres, especially the one in Milan and the events that once happened there.

Interesting facts

  • The Amphitheatre in Milan was one of the largest in Italy; it measured 155 meters by 125 meters, while the arena measured 41m by 75m.  Just so that we put things into perspective, the field size of Milan’s stadium San Siro is 105m by 68m.
  • In the museum there is a rare tombstone of the gladiator Urbicus who fought as many as 13 battles and died at the age of 22. At the bottom of the inscription it is engraved: “Your fans will keep the memory of you alive”.

Ticket prices
Antiquarium Alda Levi
The entrance is free of charge
The Amphitheatre
The entrance is free of charge

Working hours
Antiquarium Alda Levi
Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-14:00h
The Amphitheatre Park
Tuesday-Friday 9:00-18:00h (summer period) 9:00-16:30h (winter period)
Saturday 9:00-14:00h (Sumer and winter periods)

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