Basilica of San Nazaro

Basilica of San Nazaro

Basilica of San Nazaro is yet another church built in the 4th century by Sent Ambrose. Sent Ambrose, who at that time was a bishop, pledged the construction of four basilicas to the citizens of Milan each dedicated to different groups of saints, since at the time it was not a custom to dedicate one church to one saint. Therefore, 4 basilicas (nonexistent any more) were constructed in dedication and awe of prophets - martyrs (Basilica of Sent Ambrogio), virgins (Basilica of Sent Simpliciano), apostles (Basilica of San Nazaro).
At the time, the church was built on the road to Rome outside the city walls. It was in the shape of a cross which had not been seen before in the Western Empire. The idea was taken from the church of Apostles in Constantinople, built by the Emperor Constantine (Eastern Roman Empire).

Interesting facts

  • According to the legend, Saint Nazaro was persecuted by the Emperor Nero and was beheaded together with young Celso in Milan, near Porta Romana. Out of fear from the Emperor, Christians stole the bodies and buried them in a secret location. Centuries afterwards, the Lord revealed the location to Ambrose. The body of young Celso was left where it was found but the body of Saint Nazaro was brought to the church.
  • According to popular belief, the body of the excavated Saint Nazaro still had fresh blood, it was intact with hair and beard and was giving off a fragrant smell.

The ticket price for basilica of San Nazaro
The entrance to basilica of San Nazaro is FREE of charge
(!) In order to visit the archeological sites you need to be there between 15:30-18:00h Monday-Saturday, the contribution is on a voluntary basis. 

Working hours of basilica of San Nazaro
Working hours for basilica of San Nazaro is from Monday to Friday 7:30am-12:00pm / 3:30pm -6:30 pm  
And from Saturday to Sunday 8:00am -12:30 pm/ 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm.

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