Basilica of Sant Eustorgio in Milan

Basilica of Sant Eustorgio in Milan

Basilica of Sant Eustorgio is an important religious site of Milan. One can visit this beautiful cathedral free of charge, or even choose to have a look at the Museum of Sent Eustorgio.

This Basilica was founded most probably in the 4th century. According to the legend the carriage, with which saint Eustorgio carried the gifts of “Three Kings” or “Three Wise Man” (three distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh) came to a sudden halt for no obvious reason. Neither oxen nor horses could move it.  This is why Sent Eustorgio decided not to move the treasures to the Sent Tecla Basilica (which was demolished in order for Duomo Cathedral to be built) but to found a new one outside the city walls.
Besides the church there is even a museum of religious nature where you will find pictures, sculptures, Portinari Chapel, the Early Christian cemetery which was excavated during the restoration work and now is located under the ground level of the church, and much more.

Interesting facts

  • Ever since the medieval times, there has been a parade organized from the Duomo square to the Basilica on the 6th January (Epiphany day). The parade consists of individuals in costumes and animals which symbolizes the biblical event when the Three Kings brought gifts for Jesus. Anyone can participate and even put on a costume, but if you wish to wear a costume you have to register in the church before the parade, normally during the last Sunday in December.
  • In 1162, Milan was ransacked and plundered by the troops of Frederick I, known as Frederick Barbarossa and the relics from the Basilica were moved to the Cathedral of Cologne. In 1904, these relics were in part returned and nowadays are located inside the Basilica.
  • According to Roman laws, the deceased were buried outside the city walls, often close to the city gates. This is why the excavations in the fifties and sixties revealed burial sites underneath the church.

Ticket price for the basilica Sant Eustorgio in Milan
Basilica Sant Eustorgio
Entrance to the basilica is free of charge.
Museum of Sant Eustorgio
Regular ticket price is 6 €.
Reduced price: 3€ (individuals older than 60, and students under 26 years old).
Reduced price: 1€ (students under 14 years old).

Working hours of Basilica Sant Eustorgio in Milan
Basilica Sant Eustorgio
From Monday to Saturday working hours are 7:45-18:30h.
Museum of Sant Eustorgio
From Monday to Sunday- working hours of the museum are 10:00-18:00h.

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