The Roman Forum in Milan

The Roman Forum in Milan

Roman forums were structures of great importance for the Roman Empire. Most of the towns and cities had one. It was a marketplace where people could exchange goods, but it was also an important place to get together. It was used for political discussions and debates, rendezvous and meetings.
However, there is not much left from the Milan’s forum nowadays. The remains were found accidentally during the restoration of the Ambrose Library in 1990s. Nowadays, underneath the Ambrose Library visitors can see just a part of the pavement of once great Forum that measured 55 by 160 meters.
Milan’s Forum was once the center of the city, a rectangular square that hosted the most important administrative and religious activities. As the time passed by, the city center moved to the square of the Cathedral, therefore the forum gradually lost its primary purpose. The material of this building was re-used for the other ones, in the same way as it happened to many other ancient constructions in the city.

Interesting facts

  • All Roman forums had public weights and measuring tables, so that customers at the market could make sure they were not shortchanged.
  • Next to the forum there were buildings of Curia (the venue of the local Senate), Basilica (where the justice was exercised) Capitolium (a temple dedicated to Jupiter, Jove and Minerva).
  • During the Roman Empire, the Basilica was a building where the offices and the court of law were situated. Over time it became a gathering place for Christians and gradually the term evolved to bear the meaning of an important church that was given special ceremonial rites by the Pope.
  • During the election periods, candidates would use the steps of the temples in the forum for their election speeches. 

Ticket price for the Roman Forum in Milan
Regular price is 3
Reduced price is 1.5€
Reduced price is reserved for those that already will have purchased the ticketes for Ambosian Art Gallery.

Working hours for the Roman Forum
(!) It is open to the public only on first Saturday of the month from 10:30am-4:30pm. You should consider making a reservation (phone- 02806921 / e-mail:
(!) Tickets can be bought at the ticket office of the Ambrosian Art Gallery in Piazza Pio XI 2.

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