5 Must-See Kiev Restaurants to Have a Date At

5 Must-See Kiev Restaurants to Have a Date At

Those, who are in love with Kiev, its energy and rhythm, must visit restaurants with an excellent atmosphere and panorama, through which it will be so pleasant to watch how the city lives and where people rush in it. And it is especially nice to spend time in these restaurants with your soulmate!

1. Fandom Coffee Bar
This is a perfect place for those who want to arrange a date in the historical center of Kiev. The restaurant is located near the National Opera and combines three concepts: freshly roasted aromatic coffee, author-made European cuisine and a wide selection of wine and alcoholic cocktails. Dating women, you can arrange a delicious breakfast with champagne for two or a romantic dinner by candlelight. The interior of the Fandom Coffee Bar is thought out to the smallest detail. The walls are decorated with the masterpieces of Kiev artists; the work of the capital’s sculptors (which can be seen in the restaurant hall) creates a romantic mood. Sofas and armchairs are made in compliance with all the requirements of ergonomics. And this is very important for the date to go with maximum comfort.

2. Guramma
Visiting it for the first time, you immediately notice large panoramic windows opening a view of the Dnieper, Glory Park, and the historical part of Kiev. In winter, the restaurant attracts with its truly oriental style and charm, as well as with large windows through which you can see any detail. The menu contains many dishes of fish and seafood, which are cooked in different ways, as well as a large set of various dishes of Peruvian cuisine – many green salads, ceviche, tostaditos, and so on. Colors and spices are added to the Japanese dishes, which cause a firework of positive feelings among fans of oriental and simply unusual cuisine. Well, fans of everything exquisite can try salmon or dorado, as well as oysters and other dishes roasted on the grill.

3. Leo
The restaurant looks like a country mansion although located in the very center of the city. It even seems that you are somewhere in the center of nature: only a light breeze, birdsong, and the rustle of leaves break the silence. By the way, these are 2 main reasons why it is better to come to Leo in the warm season. Hiding under the canopy of trees of a centuries-old park, you can enjoy delightful river landscapes overlooking the Podolsky and Moscow bridges. Dishes on the menu are divided into Mediterranean, Asian, and Italian cuisines. In the restaurant, you can taste oysters, rolls, pasta, barbecue – in a word, regardless of your gastronomic preferences, you will definitely be able to eat deliciously!

4. Black Market Restaurant
Elegant Black Market Restaurant, located in the center of the capital, is a restaurant of gastronomic impressions. The laconic interior is made in the style of modern New York: huge panoramic windows, lots of greenery, and elegant chandeliers create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. All this has a pleasant and unhurried pastime. Tell about your love in a dimmed light, flickering candles, and light music in a live performance of cover bands.

5. The Avalon Terrace Restaurant
Exquisitely designed interiors and a stunning atmosphere make the restaurant look like a manor. In summer, there is a terrace on which you can sit and watch everything that happens in the city. A wonderful view of ancient Kiev opens from the windows, and live music in the jazz & soul style plays inside. Possessing some kind of unknown magic, the restaurant is the best suited for a date. The menu will also please you as it is very diverse.

Author of the article:
Maxim Pratsyuk

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