House of Guitar

House of Guitar

House of Guitar is a place for lovers of art, good music and dance. The house found its address in a famous place in Seville, Santa Cruz. Flamenco guitarist José Luisa Postiga had the idea to establish the House of Guitars. Every evening, near the Cathedral, the sounds of guitars are heard and a phenomenal flamenco show takes place for an hour. The house dates from the 18th century, and in it you will see a collection of flamenco guitars predominantly from the 19th century. What is distinctive about the guitar house is the Arabic arch that now forms the backdrop for the stage. It was discovered by craftsmen during the renovation of the house and was part of the Arab bath.

The program of performances is designed to introduce you to the world of flamenco and the history of flamenco. Everything is explained in detail before the performance of the song, giving you a complete impression of the cultural center and all that flamenco really is. Pure emotion.\

The founder of the guitar house, José Luis Postigo is known as a flamenco player and flamenco guitarist. He became an honorary citizen of Seville. He found his inspiration in the teacher Antonio Osun. José Luis Postigo collaborated with numerous singers and musicians. In his artistic biography, he has two national awards for flamenco guitar: the National Award of Córdoba and the National Award of the Department of Flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera.

Flamenco is a tradition of Andalusia, its artistic expression, through music and dance. It experienced its expansion in the 18th century when performances were public. It is considered a folk art, and in 2020 it was declared Andalusian ethnological and intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

  • Every evening there are two concerts performed by almost always different performers.
  • The duration of the concert is one hour; two evenings - 19:30h and 21:00h
  • The price of the ticket is from 12 to 20 €, depending on the venue and the artists performing

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Photo by Dark Rider on Unsplash

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