Santa Cruz District

Santa Cruz District

Santa Cruz District - If you want to feel the spirit of the history of the streets of Seville, the Santa Cruz District is your location, located near the Alcazar Palace. Santa Cruz District represents the old Jewish quarter from the Middle Ages. Surrounded by old streets, churches and buildings, it is a charming place to take a walk. The place is full of restaurants and small shops, beautiful colors, smells, and you only need to let yourself go and wander through the narrow streets. This magical historical part of the city exudes a special energy.

The buildings located here date back to the 12th century. One of the significant buildings is certainly the cathedral, the Royal Citadel, numerous old town houses with predominantly white facades but also in colors, impressive balconies decorated with flowers as well as beautiful narrow streets. Also, the place is recognizable by the scent of oranges, and for the full experience we suggest sitting under the orange trees.

Santa Cruz District is a significant attraction of the city, with a rich history. In 1481, the Jews were expelled from this place and their influence on Seville remained in small traces. During the French occupation in 1811, the synagogue in this part of the city was demolished. Plaza de Santa Cruz was created in that place. This historic center is one of the most beautiful parts of Seville today

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