Tourist map of Czech Republic

The most visited destination in the Czech Republic is definitely the city of Prague. Other cities apart from Prague that also draw a vast number of visitors are Plzen, Brno and Karlovy Vary. Since these cities did not see any major battles in the First and Second World War, they luckily stayed mostly intact, which is why they draw attention of so many tourists, who can admire old monuments and the architecture of these cities. All of the cities in the Czech Republic are well connected with a highway network with the neighboring countries, while the most used airport is the one located in Prague.

Basic information

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. In the northwest, the country borders Germany, in the northeast Poland and in the south Austria and Slovakia. Czech Republic is a country of long history which roots of which date back to the 9th century. It was a part of the Great Moravian Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, Czechoslovakia after the Second World war, while in 1993 it acquired independency.


Capital city: Prague (population 1.3 million-metropolitan area 2 million)

Country area: 78,800 km2 (30,400 sq miles).

Population: 10.54 million inhabitants.

Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK).

Czech Republic flag:

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