Rome’s Zoo Bioparco

Rome’s Zoo Bioparco

It is a very beautiful zoo located in the park called Villa Borghese not far from the city center. For tourist, at least those that enjoy nature, it may be an interesting destination in order to have a nice walk, enjoy the animals and have a break after visiting so many historical sights.

Rome’s Zoo, in Italian called Bioparco, has around 200 animal species on display among which mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds coming from 5 continents. Inside the zoo mammals are displayed along lengthy pathways, while there are separate sections for reptiles and exotic birds. There is even a Museum of Zoology, on the far end from the entrance.
During the day, organized feeding events take place, where you can participate and watch how the feeding of animals, listen to the staff that always tells something new and interesting about the species. Different species are fed at different times, however the feeding schedule is announced so you’ll be able to organize your time.  

Ticket prices for Zoo in Rome
Regular ticket price is 16 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price is 13 Euros (€).
Reduced price- for children taller than 1 meter and not older than 12 years; those older than 65 (only on Mondays for this group ticket costs 5€)
Free entrance- for children shorter than 1 meter, disabled individuals.
We advise you to check the ticket price before visiting on the official website of Bioparco in Rome.

Working hours of Zoo in Rome
From 1 January to 27 March working hours are: 9:30-17:00h.
From 30 March to 25 October working hours are: 9:30-18:00h.
From 26 October to 31 December working hours are: 9:30-17:00h.
During weekends from 28 March to 27 September working hours are a bit longer: 9:30-19:00h.
We advise you to check the working hours before visiting on the official website of Bioparco in Rome.

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