Tourist map of Rome

On this map you can find all of the tourist attractions of Rome, the location of museums, sights, religious sights etc. You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different areas of the city. This map will help you plan your trip and help you discover what is near your hotel or near your favorite destinations in the city that you do not want to miss.

The city of Rome is an incredible place and a mixture of ancient history, religion, architecture, beautiful palaces, which all combined together make up the charm of Rome that is so irresistible to tourists from all around the world.
The city is a home to some of the most beautiful buildings from the ancient history and the Roman Empire. By visiting these structures, visitors may be able to put together some of the pieces of the puzzle and try to imagine the beauty of once the capital city of the World.
Rome is also an important religious location for vast numbers of pilgrims each year. Apart from Vatican State and Saint Peter’s Cathedral, there are also an incredible number of religious structures, which draw pilgrims and tourists due to their important, beauty and size.
One may be surprised by the number, size, and beauty of different museums and art galleries in Rome. There is vast number of museums that cover the period of ancient Rome with large collections of statues, mosaics and artifact. What is most surprising is the number of modern art galleries which with their size and reach collections may draw attention of even visitors that do appreciate the modern art. Finally, if we add to all of this a number of palaces which breathtaking fresco painted ceilings, no wonder why Rome is such a popular tourist destination.

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