Tourist map of Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful country that has been classified almost as an analternative tourist destination. In comparison to other European countries, Portugal unjustly receives only a minor number of tourists during the year in comparison to most well-known European tourism giants, such as France, Spain, and Italy. Yearly, around 7 million tourists visit Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, or choose to spend their summer vacations somewhere along the incredibly long Portuguese coast.

Basic information
Portugal is located in Southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. On one side it is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean; while on the other side the country shares the only land border with Spain. This 1200 kilometers long border is considered to be the oldest uninterrupted border within European Union. Within the borders of Portugal there are also two of the Atlantic archipelagos: Madeira and Azores. These two archipelagos are autonomous regions, which means they have their own local governments.

Capital city: Lisbon (population 550 thousand-metropolitan area 2.7 million)
Country area: 92,000 km2 (35,000 sq miles).
Population: 10.5 million inhabitants.
Currency: Euro (€).
Portugal flag:


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