Tourist map of Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful, romantic and peaceful country, with rich natural life, exemplified by its seven national parks and eleven nature parks, as well as a diverse culinary and tourist potential. It stretches from The Pannonian Basin, over a narrow section of The Dinaric Alps, to the Adriatic Sea. The country’s capital is Zagreb, and its neighboring countries include Slovenia and Hungary to the North, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the East, Montenegro to the South, and a sea border separates Croatia from Italy in the West. Famous for its clear, blue sea, it is also known for its breathtaking islands, reefs and uvalas. If you ever happen to visit this country, you are sure to come back because the hospitality and the spirits of the city will surely make you want to experience it all again.

The Capital city: Zagreb
The Country population: 4 million inhabitants
Total area: 56,594 km2
Currency: Croatian kuna

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