Tourist map of Cairo

On this map visitors can find all of the tourist attractions of Cairo. This map shows the locations of: all tourist sights, museums, most important religious sites, etc. You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different areas of the city. This map will help you plan your trip and help you discover what is near your hotel or near your favorite destinations in the city that you do not want to miss.

The city of Cairo is like a mirror into past. There are numerous monuments that are over 5000 years old, like Pyramids in Giza, or the tombs of the Pharaohs which burial treasures are now exhibited in Egyptian Museum of Cairo. Visitors shall also enjoy visiting numerous religious places such as Mosque of Muhammad Ali made of alabaster stone stunning church of Saint Virgin Mary also called the “Hanging church”. In Cairo’s ancient area, where the Roman-Byzantine fortified city of Babylon once stood, there are numerous religious buildings which witness the great variety of cults professed throughout Egyptian history.

Visitors shall also enjoy the bazaar of Khan El Khalili where, in an atmosphere imbued with oriental aromas, it is possible to find all kinds of goods: from multi-colored fabrics to reproductions of finds from the Pharaonic period, from glass objects to essences and perfumes kept in pretty bottles.
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