Kos Island:

Tourist map of Kos Island

On this map you can find all of the tourist attractions on the island of Kos in Greece. This map shows the locations of all tourist sights, beaches and other attractions that we recommend you should consider visiting while on the island.
You can zoom in or out the map and discover what is hidden in different areas of the island. This map will help you plan your trip and help you discover what is near your hotel or near your favorite destinations on the island that you do not want to miss out on.

The island of Kos is like a museum out in the open. There are numerous archeological sights for which in most cases the admission is free of charge. The ancient forum, the ancient Roman residence, the Castle in the town of Kos, Asclepium, the Odeon, ancient Gymnasium etc. are all ancient Greek and ancient Roman sights of great importance. The very well preserved Venetian Castle in Antimacheia is another archeological site and a tourist attraction that is well worth mentioning but it belongs to a bit more recent historical period in which Venetia dominated the island.

On the island, there are also several typical Mediterranean beaches of picture perfect beauty that will appeal to the tastes of almost all visitors. What is more surprising is that on these islands there are also thermal beaches. This means that the hot thermal waters are rushing to the service and mixing with the seawater in the shallows. Taking a swim on these beaches is an amazing experience that you should not miss.

This is the icon that we use for all tourist attractions on this and other maps.

This is the icon that we use for all beaches on this and other maps.

By clicking on any of these icons you can see the name of the attraction and the links that will take you directly to a specific article.

This is the fastest way to get to know the island of Kos in Greece and what this beautiful island has to offer. Browsing through the photos you will have a unique chance to get to know Kos in just in a few minutes  and most probably get an idea of the tourist attractions that may be of interest to you.

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