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By now we are used to searching for the information in a specific format: what to visit at Lake Como, top ten attractions at Lake Como, most beautiful villas at lake Como etc. This page is dedicated to the articles in that specific format, that will allow you to get an introduction to the tourist destination and allow you to learn about the most important tourist attractions, which you certainly should consider visiting. Each attraction in these articles is linked to the original texts where you will be able to get more information on the history, prices, working hours etc.

The most beautiful villas at Lake Como

The most beautiful villas at Lake Como

This is the list of the most beautiful and most visited villas on Lake Como. The villas were mostly built by noble families from Lombardy, who wanted to have luxurious summer houses with large gardens near the shore of the lake. Numerous villas are made in Baroque or Neoclassical style, and the artwork and decorations that are hidden inside are truly beautiful. Each villa has rich gardens with plants coming from all over the world

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