The City Museum

The City Museum

Podgorica City Museum – established in 1959, this museum combined the Modern Gallery and the Gallery of Risto Stijović. In 1974, it became the Museum and Gallery of Titograd, as was the city’s name at the time. The diverse museum collection enables the exhibitions to be separated into four different sections, including the showing of museum objects, archival artefacts, photographs, as well as many other items from all periods of the city’s history, which shows the most important events, periods and notable people from Podgorica’s history. Archeological material from the 3rd century BC attracts the most attention.

Museum artefacts from the Duklja locality dating back to the beginning of the Current Era shows that this area saw a blooming culture and most developed civilizations of the time. Cultural and historical processes between the 16th and the first decades of the 20th century are depicted on icons and many more sacral artifacts, manuscripts and printed books, as well as jewelry worn in everyday life.

Objects relating to the life and work of printer Božidar Vuković have particular importance among the museum pieces. In addition to this, many ethnographic items, including Muslim and Orthodox and Catholic Christian objects dating back to the period between the 18th and 20th century, are displayed at the museum.These objects show the city’s cultural diversity, with exhibitions of national costumes, jewelry, weapons and many other objects created by unknown craftsmen.

Ticket prices for the Podgorica City Museum
Regular ticket price: €1
Reduced ticket price: €0.5

Open hours of the Podgorica City Museum
The museum is open for visits between 12am and 8pm.
Saturdays and Sundays: between 9am and 2pm
The Museum is closed on Mondays.

Author of the text:

Ana Lazarević - our correspondent for the city of Podgorica
Coontact: [email protected]

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