Shopping of Marrakesh

Shopping in Marrakesh is a completely different experience than, say, in Europe. You will be delighted with the handicrafts made by local masters, but you must have patience, and you must be ready to bargain if you think to get good prices. On this page you will find a list of things to buy when you visit Marrakesh.

What to buy in Marrakesh?

What to buy in Marrakesh?

Shopping in Marrakech can be quite fun. Shopping is indispensable here, you can buy a lot of handmade products, teas, spices and herbal medicines. Most of the traditional Moroccan products are handmade, and the production process can be seen in the stores where the products are sold. In Marrakech, you will find amazing leather shoes, bags of all sizes and shapes, and leather jackets. Women will be especially delighted with the design and colors of the bags, which they will definitely want to take home with them as a new fashion accessory. Carpets are also popular, of all sizes with amazing colors and designs that will delight you. Carpets are very high quality and keep in mind that you will pay a lot for such carpets in Europe.

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