Fortress Akershus

Fortress Akershus

Akershus Fortress, located in the city center, is a wonderful place for exploring the history of Oslo.

The construction of the castle and Akershus Fortress began in 1299. during the reign of King Haakon V. The medieval castle, finished in 1300, served to protect from enemy attacks. For some time, the castle also served as prison with a special area for slaves (Slaveriet) which could be used for work in the city. The castle was used for protection for the first time when it was attacked by Swedish Duke Erich. At the beginning of the 17th century, King Christian IV modernized the fortress and even turned the king’s residence into a Renaissance castle. For centuries, many tried to siege the fortress, but it was never captured by a foreign enemy.

During World War II, the fortress was ceded to Germans. That was the period when hundreds of people were executed in that very fortress, with some of them being members of a Norwegian saboteur group- Pelle gruppen. The fortress was liberated on May 11th, 1945 when Terje Rollem took control of it in the name of the Norwegian resistance movement.

Besides the fortress, you can also visit The Museum of the Norwegian Armed Forces (Forvarsmuseet) and the Museum of the Resistance Movement (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum). The rooms belonging to the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Norway are located in the east part of the fortress. Within the Akershus complex you can also visit the king’s mausoleum and the underground tombs of King Sigurd I, Haakon V and Haakon VII, Olav V, Queen Euphemia and so on…
Bearing in mind the development of tourism in Norway, the fortress is open for visitors, despite still being a military facility. The area surrounding the fortress is a very popular place for hosting big events, including concerts and solemn celebrations. Also, from there one can enjoy a beautiful view at the fiords and islands near Oslo.

Ticket prices for Akershus Fortress
The entrance to the fortress is FREE OF CHARGE.

Working hours of Akershus Fortress
The fortress is open for visitors from Monday to Saturday, 6am- 9pm.
You can visit the fortress in the period from December 31st to May 21st

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Photo credit:  Didrick Stenersen/VisitOSLO

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