Tourist map of Norway

Norway- the country of fiords, fairies, trolls, the Vikings, magnificent nature, the country of magical Northern lights, midnight sun, beautiful winters and even more beautiful springs has been declared many times to be the happiest country in the world. Due to the high living standards and good quality of life, Norway receives a high grade from its inhabitants and is ranked as the most secure country of all, along with being the happiest. Besides being abundant with oil, natural gas, hydroenergy and minerals, what is developed in Norway to a great extent are certainly many industries, health system and educational system.

For the most part, Norway borders Sweden; after which come Finland and Russia. The capital city of Norway is Oslo. The very name of the country is believed to have the meaning of  ’’the northern way’’.
Norway praises itself on the abundance of inspiring and breathtaking tourist attractions. If you happen to visit this country one day, at the end of the journey you will wish to come back because each season in Norway has its own special charm you need to experience.

All in all, Norway makes you feel as if you were born under a lucky star!

Surface Area: 385.207 km2
Population: 5,367,580 inhabitants
Capital: Oslo (2 million inhabitants)
Currency: Norway crown

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