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Madeira Island

Madeira is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean that is teeming with life, offers a display of brilliantly coloured flowers and fragrant fruits which most visitors might have never seen before, wonderful nature, splendid views, amazing hiking trails etc. it is so hard to put into words the uniqueness of Madeira Island and its nature. The volcanic nature of the island cossets away most of the island’s beaches behind its high cliffs, but instead offering spectacular viewpoints onto the ocean, lush forests that hide incredible animal and plant species as well as many hidden locations waiting to be uncovered. Even though the main attractions of the island are its exotic tropical nature and botanical gardens, Madeira also has well-developed cities catering for the needs of modern tourists with a lot of sights, history, shopping areas, restaurants etc.

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The capital of Portugal, located in the extreme western part of the Iberian Peninsula, is Lisbon. Tucked among seven hills, on the north side of the river Tejo, Lisbon is often referred as the city of hills. We will selfishly say that this is the most beautiful city in Europe. It lies on the Atlantic coast, rich in history and culture. As the largest city in the country, it has approx. 2.9 million inhabitants with suburbs. It is the trade, economic, cultural and political center of Portugal

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