The State Historical Museum

The State Historical Museum

The State Historical Museum is located in the north side of the Red Square in Moscow. The impressive building was designed by architect Vladimir Osipovich Shervud with the goal of presenting Russian history in a beautiful building, and of doing so by displaying artwork ranging from antique to works dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The permanent exhibition of displayed artwork is incredible and contains art pieces from prehistoric times, done by tribes who lived in the area where Russia sits today, as well as an impressive collection of paintings which once belonged to the Russian royal family.

It is interesting to note that the building where the museum is located was once home to the first pharmacy in Russia, built by the order of Russian Tsar Peter the Great. The pharmacy was given to Mikhail Lomonosov, who founded of the famous Moscow University in 1755. It was widely known at the time that Lomonosov was highly regarded by the royal family, particularly by Tsarina Catherine. After the University was moved to another building, Tsar Alexander III wanted to turn the old building into a museum, which is why he gathered the most well-educated people of Russia, a group which included historians, artists and philosophers, because he knew that it was in their interest to prevent Russian history from oblivion by displaying it in the best way imaginable.

Notable objects in the museum include a long boat which was dug up from the shore of the Volga, scrolls of birch tree bark from Novgorod, manuscripts dating back to the 1st century AD, traditional Russian china, as well as relics once belonging to the tribes that had lived in the area of modern-day Russia during prehistoric times. The museum library boasts a large number of manuscripts, sketches, as well as the largest coin collection in all of Russia. The museum collection alone contains around 1,7 coins. The library also displays gospels of Mstislav, Yuriev an Halych. A portion of the museum’s collection is displayed in the old city hall building because the museum couldn’t hold its whole collection.

One of the most interesting sections of the museum is the portrait collection, which contains works by Russian artists. It is important to note that photographing the exhibits in this area is prohibited. The second floor of the museum is reserved for the works of Russian artists from the 18th century.

The Voskrerensky gates are located between the museum and the old city hall, and they signify the entrance to the Red Square.

During the reign of Stalin, the doors were destroyed as it was thought that they disturbed the processions of parades. In the 1990s, the gates were restored to their former glory, and they still gleam in the Red Square to this day. A statue of Marshal Zhukov on a horse, one of the most important figures in the defending of Sankt Petersburg during the Second World War, is located in front of the museum.
Ticket prices for the State Historical Museum
Adult citizens of The Russian Federation, as well as EAEU countries (The Euro-Asian Economic Union) – 400 rubles;
Adults from foreign countries:
Between May 15th and August 31st – 700 rubles
Between September 1st and May 14th – 500 rubles

Complex ticket fees (ticket + an audio guide in a foreign language called “The Tour”):
Between May 15th and August 31st – 1100 rubles
Between September 1st and May 14th – 900 rubles

Russian students and large families enter free of charge.

Open hours of the State Historical Museum
On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays – between 10am and 5pm
On Fridays and Saturdays – between 10am and 8pm
Closed on Tuesdays.

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