Tourist map of Sights in Užice

On this map you can find the locations of all of the tourist sights, monuments and attractions of Belgrade, Serbia. We organized the information according to the needs of modern tourists, in order to save their time searching for the locations while organizing what to visit in one day.
Užice is located in Western Serbia, on the banks of the Djetinja River. The most visited attractions of Užice are: Old railway bridge, Partizan Square, Gymnasium of Užice, Užice fountains, etc.

You can zoom in or zoom out the map or you can click on the icons in order to see the name of the attractions and find links that will lead you directly to articles.

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In order to see all of the attractions that draw attention of tourists in Užice, we advise you to open the map on the page of Užice. This is how you will be able to discover locations of sights, museums, shopping zones, nightlife zones etc. that are close to your hotel or close to other attractions you do not want to miss. These maps will help you plan your trip, and decide which attractions you can manage to visit depending on your preferences and time available.

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