The Alcazar Royal Palace

The Alcazar Royal Palace

The Alcázar Royal Palace is the most beautiful landmark of Seville. Enter the Lion's Gate, and a royal complex of 10 units awaits you inside. A beauty among all tourist attractions. Real Alcazar de Seville has a castle in its name, i.e. alcazar is a word of Arabic origin and when translated into Spanish it means castle

The castle was built in the Mudehar style, and this direction represents the influence of Christianity and Islamic culture and represents a part of the period in history when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together in peace with each other. The Royal Palace was built for King Peter of Castile. It is included in the UNESCO list and today it serves as a royal residence when they visit. The first floor is reserved for the royal family.

The construction of the first castle was started on the site of the former Roman fortress, and the proponent of the idea in 1913 was Abd Ar Rahman III when. The construction of the palace was continued by King Al-Meotamid in the 11th century, while the Spaniards further expanded it in the 14th century under the patronage of King Alfonso X of Castile. However, the Alcázar as it is today was created after King Peter X of Castile and his successors.

What distinguishes the castle are its imposing spacious gardens that hide lakes, various types of plants, trees such as palms and cypresses, landscaped paths and fountains. A walk and a visit to the gardens is a must.

The Royal Palace of Alacazar can often be seen in series, movies, but also on social networks as a landmark where tourists and the residents of Seville like to take photos. The palace could be seen in the famous American series Game of Thrones. The palace can accommodate up to 750 visitors

Ticket prices are €14.50 if you buy online AND you want to skip the wait, i.e. have priority during your visit. If you want to buy tickets on the spot, the ticket price is €13
Guided tour is around 30eur


Opening hours of the palace
From April 1 to September 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m
From September 15 to March 31 from 09:30 to 17:00

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