Sri Lanka:

Internet and sim cards in Sri Lanka

Internet and sim cards in Sri Lanka

Internet and SIM cards in Sri Lanka – major issue for all foreigners. As you may already know roaming costs are quite high so you might take into consideration taking a prepaid SIM card during your stay in Sri Lanka. Even though there are many articles on the web that seem to be telling about the great wi-fi coverage in Sri Lanka we must take this piece of information with a pinch of salt so we would recommend you to buy a prepaid SIM as local providers tend to have really good packages and affordable prices. Please keep in mind that internet package and calling package are completely separated but you can combine the two services if you wish.

For example: DIALOG prepaid internet package costs from 299LRK for 1.5GB of data up to 6449 LRK for 120 GB of data.

Sim card costs 199 LRK.

If you would also like to add the calling option to this package it will cost you from 100 LRK (enough to make a few local calls) up to as much as you wish.

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