Taksim Square

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is the center of the modern part of the city in Istanbul. Although the square is not so popular among the recommended sights to visit, Taksim is worth a visit. On it is the Cumhuriyet independence monument, built in 1928, as a sign of the creation of Turkey as an independent state.

Taksim square is a meeting place, public events of different character. The very name of the square is derived from the Arabic word taqsim and can be translated as division. Throughout history, this part of the city served as a water supply that was sent to other parts of Istanbul. It was here that the first city water supply was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed I, in 1732, and after 200 years it was demolished. The remains of the waterworks are still visible today.

The most famous avenue of Istanbul, Istiklal, extends from the square. The way to the avenue is the most beautiful if you take the tram called Nostalgija, which has a short ride, but certainly an unforgettable one. Its route is from Taksim Square to Tunel Square, which is also the station of the oldest underground railway.

More important matches are often broadcasted on the square. Although today the square is used for the organization of some nice gatherings, throughout history this place was also used for political protests that were not always peaceful. It is known that in 1969 around 150 protest participants were injured and that this event was called "Bloody Sunday", and in 1977 shootings were also recorded on the square during demonstrations during the first of May where 36 people lost their lives after which a law was passed prohibiting gatherings on Taksim Square. However, in 2010, May Day gatherings were approved, and no accidents have been recorded since that year. The Ataturk Cultural Center and the Opera House are located on the square

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Photo by Hussein Himmati on Unsplash

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