Parking on Pizzale Roma Venice

Parking on Pizzale Roma Venice

There is a large covered garage on Piazzale Roma just after you cross the only bridge that connects Venice to the mainland. Autorimessa Comunale is the largest garage on Piazzale Roma, the only city square in the city that can be reached by car.

Autorimessa Comunale is the largest parking lot on Piazzale Roma in Venice. It has 2,182 car lots and 300 lots for motorcycles. Even though it is a very large parking, during busy days in the city and especially during important events (Venice Carnival, Venice Film Festival, Venice Regatta etc.) it can be really crowded, meaning that you would need to wait for hours in your cars in order for someone to leave and make space for your car.

Tariffs for parking at Autorimessa Comunale garage on Piazzale Roma in Venice
The tariffs for parking on Piazzale Roma are a bit confusing for most tourists. Incredibly, an hourly tariff for parking your car does not exist. This means that after you enter the garage a 24 hour charge applies automatically, and this is the only existing way of charging for the service.
Regular tariff for parking in Piazzale Roma is 26 Euros (vehicles not wider than 185cm) or 29 Euros (vehicles wider than 185cm).
Online booked tickets cost a bit less - 23.4 Euros (vehicles not wider than 185cm) or 26.1 Euros (vehicles wider than 185cm).
In case you happen to be in the city in the afternoon, from 17h to 5AM, the parking will cost 15 Euros. So, if you enter the garage after 17h and exit it before 5AM, the charge of 15 Euros applies. This is the only exception to the 24 hour tariff.

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