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Usually, we look the information in a specific format: what to visit in Venice, top ten attractions in Venice, things to do in Venice, what to see in Venice etc. This page is dedicated to the articles in that specific format, that will allow you to get an introduction to the tourist destination and allow you to learn about the most important tourist attractions, which you certainly should consider visiting. Each attraction in these articles is linked to the original texts where you will be able to get more information on the history, prices, working hours etc.

What to visit in Venice

What to visit in Venice

Often, visitors have problems deciding what to visit in Venice. Venice is a very expensive tourist destination, the streets of the city and characteristic passages are narrow and often end right in front of a canal, there are almost no benches and during summers it can be really hot. All of these things add to the confusion of tourists, who are usually not able to plan what to visit or what can be visited in one day. However, Venice is a magnificent city, a city with very rich history, numerous sights, monuments and a rich culture, the city that was taken from the sea and that is still regarded as one of great achievements of architecture, engineering and a symbol of ingenuity of the local population.

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