The Best Museums in Venice

The Best Museums in Venice

It is very hard to make a short list of the best museums in Venice. Venice is the city of Museums, Monuments and Tourist sights and it is very difficult to decide what are the places that you do not want to miss during your stay. We have made a list of the best museum to visit in Venice according to our experience.

The fist place on our list of the best museums in Venice is the Museum of the Dodge's Palace
Museum Palazzo Ducale is located in one of the most important buildings in Venice, Doge’s Palace (Doge- elected leader of Venetian Republic). This palace was the seat of power for almost the whole period of the existence of the Venetian Republic. It is where different councils met in order to decide the faith of the republic. It was also the seat of the legislative power, where courts delivered verdicts deciding the destiny of individual people, but it was also where Doges of Venice actually lived in separate chambers.

Second best museum in Venice is The Galleries of Accademia
The is one of the most significan museum that you will find in Venice. It holds numerous paintings of the most prestigious Itlin painters as well as the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. The Vitruvian Man has been in the Gallerie dell'Accademia since 1822.This Leonardo’s masterpiece is available to public only on certain dates during a year and when exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo are organized.

Third best museum in Venice is The Museum Correr
The museum Correr is one of the museums in the group of Piazza San Marko museums. It is located in a part of the palace once built for kings and emperors of the newer Venetian history. Visitors will evidence different lavishly decorated rooms which were once used by different sovereigns, but also learn about the history of the Venetian Republic and get to know Venetian art.

The fourth place goes to The Peggy Guggenheim Museum
Peggy Guggenheim donated the Palazzo and its collection to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, which was established by her uncle in 1937. Peggy demanded that her home and works of art remain in Venice and are accessible to everyone.

The fifth place on our list of the best museum is Venice is The Marciana Library
This is yet another attraction of San Marko Square Museums. Visitors will be able to see two rooms of the library that once hosted precious manuscripts and that were later added to the new palace envisioned for the King of Italy. Marciana Library consists of two rooms: The Great Hall and Vestibule, which can be visited through Museum Correr in Venice. Napoleon Bonaparte decided to add these two rooms (that were once a part of the library) to the residence of the King of Italy in 1812. Therefore, the collection of books had to be moved to Doge’s Palace where it stayed till 1902.

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