Best Pastry Shops in Venice

Best Pastry Shops in Venice

Here visitors shall find the list of the best pastry shops in Venice. If you visit Venice it wouldbe a pitty if you would not try some of the most amazing sweets that numerous pastry shops make. Most of the sweets are home made, or the pastry shops have small productions. Everything is delicious and smells great, tastes are amazing, from crema pasticiera to incredible pistacchio. You will enjoy for sure.

Our first pastry shop on the list is called Rosa Salva
Rosa Salva is one of the most famous pastries in Venice. Visitors will simply love their delicious desserts, the top quality of creams and pastries made according to Venetian traditional recipes. Here visitors may read about most famous desserts they can find in Rosa Salva Pastry: Pyramids of bignè (cream puffs), zuppe inglesi (liqueur-dipped ladyfingers), babà (rum cake), sfogliate (thin-layered pastries), zabajone (a custard mixed with sweet wine dessert) and many others. Here visitors can also try superb Italian coffee. The price of one pastry is 1.3€ on average. Visitors will get this more than reasonable price for the quality here. We do suggest that the visitors should try the sweets made with pistachio muss; the taste is truly amazing.

Second pastry shop on our list of the best pastry shops in Venice is Marchini Time
This is a small yet superb pastry where visitors may taste typical Venetian sweets. In this pastry you may often taste different desserts on a regular weekly basis. The ones with chocolate and crema Pasticceria with fresh fruits on top are truly exceptional. Prices are reasonable – each sweet cost from 1.3€ to 2€.

Third place goes to Pastry Tonolo
Pastry Tonolo is one of the simplest pastries in Venice but definitely one of the best you can visit. It was open in 1953 and since then Pastry Tonolo preserved its traditional Venetian look as well as traditional sweets that will make sure you want to come back here again. Here visitors should forget about sitting at the table as the space is really small but they will have the opportunity to try the best sweets such as: frolle, petit four, pasticcini secchi, greche, cestini with crema pasticcera and fruits, croissant, bigné, sacher, millefoglie and meringate, krapfen and even Venetian biscuits (bussolà, buranei).

Fourth place on the list of our best pastry shops in Venice goes to The Pastry Dal Mas
Pastry Dal Mas has a strategic position in Venice. It is located only a few minutes from the central station and Piazzale Roma. Whoever comes in Venice Pastry Dal Mas could be first sweet stop for our visitors in Venice. Here visitors should try famous brioches, zaleti, Doge’s bread, splendid cannoli, sacher cake, mousse au chocolate and many other delicious desserts.

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